Monday, March 7, 2011

love and cat food

i am a crocheter who is fortunate enough to live with a cat.  mine is named Trixie.  crocheters and cats share a common affinity, which brings us even closer together - we both adore yarn. 

i'm not sure how it happened, as when my last pooch died, i swore that i would never own another pet (he was number 4).  then there is this foggy memory of a mouse in the garage, hypnotic eyes staring at me from behind a humane society cage, and cans of cat food sudenly appearing in my cupboard.  why would i do this?  it must have been love, for only love would allow me to make myself this vulnerable after the pain of losing 4 others.  i am a mom, so endure unconditional love.  i have had my share of mature adult relationships, so understand the power of passionate love.  i cannot imagine ever putting down my crochet hook, so appreciate the love of self creativity.  what is love?  after 44 years, i have finally figured it out - love is a can of cat food.

let's examine the properties of a can of cat food and the justification for our parallel:

1.  it's hard on the outside, but once you break in, it is gooey, sloppy, and rich
2.  this hard outer shell is often decorated with pretty and enticing colors, making you wonder what is inside
3.  once you do get inside, the contents are complex in composition and easy to scoop out with a spoon; in fact, it can barely be contained and changes every time you stir
4.  it stinks
5.  your supply may get low, but god help you if you ever run out!
6.  you can never tap into it alone, you will always need a can opener
7.  while you yourself will never consume what is inside (unless you are really desperate), you are eager to share it with another so that other will leave your damn yarn alone and let you crochet!
8.  once you open it, there is no going back
9.  it comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and contents, and you never know what to expect
10. when your cat, purring wildly, wakes you up at 6 a.m. by muzzling your face, you can make yourself feel better by telling yourself it is "love" that makes her do that to you, rather than "cat food"

what to do with this new discovery?  write a self help book?  get a grant to study the theory?  give away cans of cat food on the corner?  share cat food with our friends in the middle east?  the possibilities are endless.  for now, however, i will just stick with a small change in my methods of self expression:  "i cat food you!"


  1. This is good...I had to re-read it to fully get what you are saying. You are like Forest Gump, though much more intense...and talkative!

    Oh, and #10...I would have to ask you that is it not "true" love that she comes purring on you to wake you up to feed her? After all, she knows how labor intensive work it is to open that can of hers!!!!

  2. Love your kitty! She looks like so much like my Alexandra that passed in 2002. We were together for nearly 18 years, and I still miss her! Missy Alex was never as gentle as your cat about waking me up to feed her. I woke up many mornings with my "kitty alarm" blaring inches from my ears. Woe to me if I didn't get up promptly when summoned--I then got the "nose poke" and "cheek slap", (claws retracted--now THAT is LOVE!) Thanks again--really enjoyed the post!