free patterns elsewhere updated 11/23

This is the cutest thing! A slouchy hat from 1916!

Good Companion Purse, i had to pass this on....while i love the i REALLY love the look on the model's face!
seriously, this purse would look great these days, even without the snappy hat!

don't you wish women wore gloves as a fashion statement these days?  actually, considering how one finds hand sanitizer all over, gloves might just have a chance to get back in vogue!  hmmmmmm.....


so cute!  if a lady can be fashionable from the shoulders up, why not the lady's pooch?!

while Red Heart projects are often hit or miss, this one is is a hit!

Doggie Shrug!


there aren't nearly as many lovely crocheted garment patterns as there are knitting designs.  the piece must be the foundation for the outfit, substantial and the focus.  here is a piece from Berroco:

Aruna Cardi


i love this!  i just never think to make anything like this!  so nice if you want custom colors and a mat that washes up nice and quickly:

Elliptical Bathmat

(also note that KnitPicks has an Independent Designer program - submit your pattern!)


super cute baby booties that don't look so tough to make.  Garnstudio/DROPS Design is one of my favorite places for inspiration and ideas.......

pattern here: