Thursday, January 27, 2011

coo-coo for cozies

i have only within the past few months truly started to understand the magnitude of the cozy craze.  why this facsination?  is my ipod cold?  does my waterbottle feel loved when wrapped in the warmth of my handmade crochet?

perhaps it is not the wrapped, but the wrapper.  as avid crocheters, we are movers and shakers.  knitting is clean, crochet is tough.  knitting is delicate and crochet, even in lace, is a composition of knots.  knitting is meditative and calming and crocheters find solace in the speed with which we can produce a finished product.  we can build up our portfolios with creative and numerous cozies.  we can nonchallantly say, "yeah, i made 3,462 of those," with a wave of the wrist.  we can wrap up every material possession in a customized blanket of our skill and dedication.  coo-coo for cozies - go crocheters, go!

from 2008:

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