Monday, January 24, 2011

time spent in social media is time away from my crochet!

alright, all of you.  i know the expectations of a designer/creative poser in the 21st century and, while i am not at all pleased at how things have evolved, i am willing to play along for the love of the yarn.

i'm told that if i want to share my inspriations and just maybe make a little ka-ching doing so, i have to spend an ungodly amount of time doing this blog-thing, telling no one in particular what i am doing and seeking out kudos from a dead space.  this same person(s) tells me that, if i want to replace my recently disappeared job, this is type of ass-expanding activity is also a must-do.

ok, i have fought it - didn't get on facebook (excuse me, "FB") until 2010 and i believe my first posting was something akin to the fact that "FB is a ridiculous waste of time" but here i am, blogging to no one in particular about how i would rather be crocheting.  maybe i should just shut up, shut my laptop, pick up my hook and get it going!

hook on!


  1. I feel the same way about social media! I just started a blog as well and would rather be designing (I am still getting my first few patterns prepped for sale on Etsy). I will say though that Twitter has been helpful in getting me some exposure; Facebook not so much. Crafters/crocheters are also hanging out on Pinterest as well.


  2. I haven't done much with Pinterest, except browse through...will have to try it.

    Whether to crochet or to blog...lately the crochet has been winning out, but I have been dong more freeform and not putting patterns in writing.