Tuesday, January 25, 2011

parallels between Cassatt and crochet

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i am by no means an art historian.  yes, i did take one art history class in college.  unfortunately, i was victim to the dark room, the hum of the slide projector, and the droning monotone of my prof.  so sad!  i really DID love learning about art in the form of paint on a canvas!  i have often wondered if my fate would have taken a different turn if i were a coffee drinker back then, rather than a beer drinker the night before art history class.

i did, however, pick up a little about describing what i see and how my brain and soul puts things together.  this lovely painting, of The Crochet Lesson, is very much like the art of crochet itself.  there is a form, it is dense and vibrant, and it is filled with the individual and unique effort of the artist.  there are no hard lines, edges are soft and merely suggest a visual transformation of space.  the only way you could find the moment of chemical transition between air and yarn is to do so with your fingers.  i love this painting....i wonder who is who.  is it sisters? friends?  a governess and her ward? a mom and daughter?  regardless, the moment they share happens with a hook, a yarn, and two pairs of hands.

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