learn, share, enjoy, wear

having crocheted for more than half of my life, i feel fortunate to realize the positive affects of the yarnie art.  while my comments on this blog and their connection may seem a little thin at times, i often think in the language of crochet and love to share that language with others.  crochet is a relaxing way to decompress and create for yourself and others.


if you have unsuccessfully tried to teach yourself, have attended a class and not gotten what you want out of it, or just want to learn but your schedule complicates attending a class, let me know.  i have taught privately and through one of the more popular craft stores and am no stranger to the unique challenges that come with the hook.  i offer instructional services that are mobile and flexible for a variety of schedules.

i have experience with and offer:
  • one-on-one lessons in crochet (beginner through advanced) and beginning knitting - tailored for what you want to accomplish and learn.
  • small group adult lessons (3 - 6 students) - you will all learn the basics and have alot of fun with your buds - perfect for bachelorette luncheons, girlie's night out, etc. 
  • caring, sharing, and pairing - you and your child or grandchild (age 9 and older) - this is a great way to connect with each other, explore a shared interest, and make some warm memories.
design services

  • your concept in crochet - if you have an idea for a piece that you just can't find anywhere, don't have the time or skill to make it yourself, but are just dying to be the only one wearing it, let me know.  i can take your idea and turn it into a quality piece that will be your own heirloom creation.  visit my Etsy shop for a small sampling of my past work.
  • designed by YOU - if you have that creative streak but have not been able to make the step to design, i can help.  i spent many years crocheting other people's designs and understand the difficulties a new designer can encounter.  just getting started is often bewildering!
if you want to learn more or talk about the possibilities, please email me at captivcrochet@yahoo.com or send me a question through my blog.

all the services i offer are extremely flexible, customized for you and your group, and the goals are to have fun and learn!  this is not your grandma's crochet!