Saturday, September 10, 2011

With the fall air....

....comes the desire to hook. For the past few weeks, I have been cranking out fingerless mitts to contribute to our parish festival, Autumn Daze. Simultaneously, there has been the usual back to school hubub, continued career transition (i.e. job search), freelance reporting, and camping camping camping!

Here in Minnesota, we jokingly say that "we only have two seasons," and every year I am reminded of that. One day it is 80 degrees, sunny, with the smell of dried grass lingering in the air and within 24 hour, grey slick skies and cold rain that transforms into snow once the sun goes down. Right now we are treasuring the fall heat during the day and complimentary cool nights - perfect for active days and relaxed yarnie nights!

Fingerless gloves:

Camping camping camping:

Both peaceful, both realxing, both a necessary part of autumn in Minnesota!

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