Wednesday, April 6, 2011

need your thoughts!

you are smart.  after reading a few of my blog posts, you have easily determined that i am currently a free agent, a bird in the sky, a dandelion in the wind.  in other words, i am not employed full time.  you have also read about my efforts to embrace this "junk drawer" life and piece together income to support my family AND achieve a liveable lifestyle wherein i can actually spend some waking hours with my children.  as a result, i am trying to get creative and i need your opinion.

as you can gather, i enjoy writing, i consider myself pretty good at it, it is something i can do wherever i may be, so i want to explore that avenue.  a few weeks ago i answered an ad for a part time writer who can provide "witty content."  interesting, huh?  what is this opportunity?  worth an email.  i received a response right away, suggesting i take an online test (free of charge) for an Internet Dating Assistant.  apparently, based on my score, i may or may not be invited to manage online dating for busy professionals.  what does this entail?  writing emails "on behalf of" men (sometimes women) who are seeking a date with another party but who are too busy to engage in this part of the online dating process themselves.  my "goal" would be obtaining a meeting with this romantic interest with the busy professional.  at this point, i do not know with any certainty if i would be posing as the busy professional and interacting with the romantic interest or if the material i write would go to the busy professional for review by him/her before it is sent to the romantic interest.  i have considered taking the test, to find out more.

what do you think?  take the poll on my sidebar and let me know.


  1. Is is the same thing as this:!5789155/entrepreneur-seeks-virtual-dating-assistants-for-busy-online-daters

    It sounds a bit fishy to me...

  2. This sounds like a scam to me.